My art is a manipulation of space, color, form, line, composition, and subject. The use of perspective, giving the illusion of space, invites the viewer into the rectangle of the painting as into a window: a view to the outdoors or into the indoors or onto a table.

When I see our world as unintelligible or uncertain, my art can reflect instability or visual disorientation.

In this acrylic painting, “Bird on the Loose,” a fragmented still-life has a sense of tension: the indiscernible newspaper is used like strokes of paint. The revolving circles form a design of an argyle pattern. It is a merry-go-round of a Cezanne still-life.

The narrative is that of a mischievous parrot; he is ‘on the loose’ having escaped from his cage. He is destroying a flower, and is likely the cause of the fish out of water.

Look close and you see images of people forming the feathers of the bird at the right edge of the rectangle. You go from there then you ‘get to the bottom and go back to the top of the square where you stop and you turn and you go for a ride and you see it again…. look out … helter skelter’